Production of food supplements

We advise, ensure development, get the necessary ingredients, manufacture, and deliver.

We will provide you with comprehensive services 

We will start with product development 🧪 , get ingredients 🌿 and suitable packaging materials 📦, provide graphics 🎨, and help with legislation 📖. Then comes the production of the product itself. Do you have all of it ready (or just part of it) and only need to ensure production? No problem. Write us all the information about your new product and we will calculate how much it would cost you to produce it. More information about what can we do

Who are our customers

Our customers are not just sellers of food supplements or e-shops with healthy food, but also e-shops that want personalized gifts for their customers, companies organizing training events, and individual trainers who want to have something for their listeners with their brand, but do not want just a simple pen, keychain, etc. And many others.

Experience and references

We have been working with herbs and the production of food supplements since 2005! During that time we have produced a huge number of products for various customers. One of our great advantages is that we ourselves run an e-shop with natural food supplements. More about our references.

🤝 Let's do it together

 Are you interested in working with us and seeing if we are the right fit for your company? Contact us and we will take care of you immediately, doing our best to meet your expectations and making sure you are always satisfied. Friendly communication is one of our core values!