Who will use our services

You don't have to be a health food store or want to make a food supplement. Our customers are very diverse and come to us for various reasons.

A person who wants to start an e-shop

If you are looking for suitable products for your e-business, forget about dull and boring things, which there are more than enough of in the Czech Republic today. We can offer you products that will boldly stand out among the rest. We can even ship your products for you, i.e. Dropshipping. The answer to the question "How to do business?" so you can leave some of it to us.

Sale of raw materials

If you are interested in doing business on the Internet in the sense of selling food supplements and you are looking for a supplier of raw materials, we will be happy to send you an offer. There are currently 10 active and over 50 alternative suppliers in our portfolio for products that we either have in stock or can source. You no longer have to worry about the fundamental problem of where to find a supplier of goods.

The one looking for manufacturing for their product

Do you already have your own mix or are you tired of selling herbs? Do you want to dive into something new and move away from reselling? In this case we can help you. Either purely with production or with the development of your own product. We can help you with your own products. We know from our own experience that your own, unique products are the best choice.

Business owner or buyer looking for employee gifts

The possibilities of our production do not have to focus only on the production of capsules, but also on the production of gift packages. If you are looking for gifts for your colleagues, employees, business partners, we will be happy to provide you with an offer. The advantage of a wide selection of products is price variability. The gift can thus range from 99 CZK without VAT to 900 CZK and more.

You want your audience's attention

We already have several years of experience with products to increase focus and suppress fatigue. We successfully deliver these products to training centers in the Czech Republic. If you are looking for the attention of your listeners, we will be happy to help you.

I want gifts with my orders

Are you looking for support for selling your own products? Small and valuable gifts to accompany your orders will double the happiness; first for the customer when they receive the order and then for you, when the customer returns to you with another purchase. If you are interested, we will be happy to provide items that range from low to medium to high value.

If you have any business ideas in the direction of food supplements or similar, we would love to hear them.