About us

The company PlaBio s.r.o. has been actively focusing on the production of food supplements for several years, which is increasingly popular in our country. In addition to classic production, we are also able to ensure the development of product composition, which is a great competitive advantage. We supplement the entire offer with dropshipping services, which are especially appreciated by first time customers.

High capacity of own production premises

Our premises are certified for the production of food supplements. Among other things, we also use the HACCP system, thanks to which we can be proud of high hygiene standards. The production premises are equipped with machines for individual parts of the production of food supplements. This is one of the reasons why the production has a high capacity.

Ecology and enviroment

As the essence of our business is closely connected with nature, we try to do as little damage to it as possible. Recycling is a necessary standard today, which is why we use packaging materials that are either completely compostable, or the energy in their production is recycled and used, for example, to heat public spaces.