Who are our services for?

Someone who wants to set up an e-shop

If you are looking for suitable products for your e-business, forget boring and dull things which the world is full of. We can offer you a product which will positively enhance your range of goods. These can also be conveniently dropshipped. We can offer you help when aiming to develop your business.

Sale of raw materials

If you are interested in online business like selling food supplements and are looking for suppliers for raw materials we are here to help. Currently, there are ten active and more than fifty potential suppliers in our portfolio. You no longer need to rack your head where to find a supplier for your goods.

Looking for production of your own product

You might have your own mix or are you tired of the sale of herbs? You may also be bored of typical reselling of goods and you want to jump into something new? In this case, we can help you with both the production and development of your own product. It is our experience that unique product is the best option.

Company owner or buyer who is looking for presents for employees

Our production is not only focused on the production of capsules but also on the production of gift wrapping. If you are looking for gifts for your colleges, employees or business partners, we are happy to help you. Price variability is a benefit of a wide-ranging selection of products. A gift can vary from EUR 4, without VAT to EUR 40.

Drawing the attention of your audience

For several years we have had an experience with products that increase concentration or suppress fatigue. These products have been delivered to the training centres in the Czech Republic where they had significant success. Therefore, if you are looking for drawing the attention of your audience we are here to assist you.

I would like complimentary item with my orders

Are you looking for support when selling your products? A complimentary item with your products can please your customers, which in turn may encourage them to return to your services. If you are interested in this, we will be delighted to provide an offer. An offer as little as one Euro or with bigger gifts for tens or thousands Euros.

If you have any ideas in food supplements or similar food business, we would love to hear it.