What we do?

PlaBio s.r.o. has been developing food supplements for several years and this is becoming more and more popular in the Czech Republic. Apart from common production, we are also able to ensure development of ingredients for supplement products. This is our main competitive advantage. Our offer also includes dropshipping. This is predominantly acknowledged by new customers.

Production and development from beginning to the end

We have well-facilitated production premises, which comply with all hygienic standards and operating regulations. This ensures effective production of high-quality products and packaging. This type of work not only includes the blending of ingredients and capsule filling but also labelling and final packaging. Team of experienced consultants is also available to assist with the development of ingredients of products, with the legislation of labelling food supplements and their registration at the Ministry of the Environment.

High capacity of our production premises

Our premises are certified for the production of food supplements. We also have a HACCP system which ensures high hygienic standards. Production premises are fully equipped with machines for individual parts of the production of food supplements. These all features contribute to a high capacity production.

Ecology and environment

Our production is closely bound to the environment and we make all the effort to eliminate any damage to it. Recycling is absolutely necessary these days and therefore we use packing materials which are either fully compostable or the energy used during their production is recycled or used for heating public spaces.

Who are our services for?

We offer a variety of services and, thus, have a broad range of customers. We can support a growing business with new supplement ideas, but also an existing business looking for a new producer.