Currently, our company is working with several other subjects. Down below you can take a look at some products we produce for these firms.

Botanic.cz is a retailer of food and plant based food supplements. Currently, its main focus is on the development of its own solution for individual problems.

Mindflow - natural supplement for maximum productivity. It is composed of unique supplements that helps manage the high pace of 21 st century and achieve success in good health. The composition of this product is build on latest scientific studies and knowlage. Thank to that we can guarantee the top effect of each capsule. We produce our products based on today's trends - vegan and without unnecessary chemistry.

Esthetics by nutrition - centre for nutrition providing general services at a professional level. Their main focus is permanent weight loss, obesity cure and nutrition for athletes and others.

Esthetics Fat reduction - support with weight loss and fat reduction
Esthetics Fat reduction - support with weight loss and fat reduction


The Business Incubator is an organisation founded by the Liberec Region. The purpose of Lipo.Ink is to support the establishment and development of companies with higher added value as well as suport innovation in the entire ecosystem. The region of Liberec is to be the top technological center of Czech Republic, the goal of Lipo.Ink is to discover and develop this potential