Our services

Our services are very complex and are divided into many different levels.

Product development

In the beginning, it is always necessary to blend the right ingredients in order to be the most efficient. In this respect, we are able to consult individual ingredient but also a final result. In our team, you can find several qualified doctors, nutritional consultant and laboratory technician who have worked in this field for many years.

Demand and order of raw materials

Once we have all the ingredients ready, there is a time for the demand for raw materials. Our suppliers are situated all around the world. We use domesticated, European and world's market services. Some raw materials need to be ordered directly at the original places in order to ensure highly potent, quality ingredients.


The next step is the production itself. Our premises and machines have high production capacity which enables reliable and fast processing of the raw materials. We are able to ensure everything from blending of a mixture, capsule filling to supply with labels and finalization.


Along with product ingredients, it is always necessary to look at relevant legislation. It is compulsory to have all ingredients approved as a food product and ensure that labels comply with regulations and provide all necessary information. We are also able to help with any issues regarding the labelling of the products.

Storing and dropshipping

If your company does not have a premise for storing the ingredients, we are able to forward the products directly from our warehouse. We can also store the products for our clients.